Tuesday, August 20, 2013

fashionably late in august

I stood in line at the bank to deposit a wad of money and a couple of measly paychecks four days ago and I became incredibly aware of how incredibly aware I am of most things on a daily basis and how that may make me a bit more weird than I let on. The line was quite long - 8 people in front of me to be exact. I didn't mind, because I wasn't in a hurry. I had attempted the drive-thru minutes before, but the plastic shutter on the thing was down and I had no idea how to get it back up, so I walked inside.  I looked out the glass doors to my left and saw Cohen staring straight at me in-between my two front seats. It was hot out, so I had left the car running with the AC on, and I imagined for a moment what Cohen would do if anyone tried to steal my car. I shifted my weight onto my left foot and flexed my right because it felt a little tight. A few days before I had thrown on my 110s and, for whatever reason, they had chewed up the top of my right foot. The wounds weren't completely healed yet, and I clenched my jaw as I felt the top layer or two of my skin was stuck to the inside of the upper of my shoe. It felt wet, and I knew that was likely blood and pus that had partially dried and meshed everything together. To avoid my eyes tearing I shifted them slightly to the right and looked into the room in the corner of the building which revealed a girl who is likely not much older than me staring at a computer screen. I wondered what the fuck she did at the bank. I wondered if her back hurt because she was hunched over a keyboard. I wondered what she was staring at on the screen. I wondered if she was even staring at anything relevant on the screen and I wondered if she felt as trapped as she looked. I wondered if her job was to tell people that if they would be approved for loans or not, and then I wondered if she had ever had anyone cry in her office before. I decided she probably had, because people cry over money. I took a few steps forward. I rested my right hand on the strap that goes across my body for my bag and tilted my head a little to the right. I wondered if she could feel me staring at her, and I wondered if she had ever driven through the mountains and thought about how insignificant her life might be. I picked up on the chatter regarding bank accounts and scanned the people conversing with the tellers. Though there weren't many of them, most of them seemed to be upset and disputing something. I thought it to be a bit funny that all of the conversations were probably relatively the same, yet I couldn't necessarily make out particular words. I thought it to be even a bit more funny that you can often tell what people are talking about without even hearing them. It's possible to listen without really listening. I wondered if that girl had a picture of a beach as her background on her computer. I wondered if she had been to an ocean and taken it for what it really is, instead of a nice tan and a weak pina colada. I took a few more steps forward and shifted my eyes ahead. I blinked and felt the salt crusted on my eyelids. It was hot that day, and I wondered if that girl even liked Kalamazoo.

The past two weeks:
tuesday - 11 at night with Jesse, Joe, Erin, Lauren and Shawn
wed - 6 with Michelle, 2 with Cohen
thursday - 5 with Katie at Al Sabo
friday - 18 at Custer.  First 8 with Joe, last 10 solo.
saturday - 17 with Jesse At Cannonsburg.  This was really fun, even though I felt like hell due to a strong cold coming on.
sunday - 11.  5 in the morning at the Arbs with Joe and Michelle.  Felt even worse due to the cold. 6 at dirty herd, and I was feeling better by the afternoon.
total:  69

tuesday - 10 at night.  4 solo at Al Sabo before Joe and Lauren got there.  Got two out and realized I had minimal minutes before I said I'd be back, and tempo'd in.  I have not ran that hard in a LONG TIME, and it hurt.  But it felt good.  I had forgotten what it feels like to push like that.  We did 6 together after.
wednesday - 5 at urban herd.  This was the new route through East Campus which I was dreading but it was SO FUN.  The worst ex-boyfriend in the history of ever showed up (what the fuck?), but the Truppster and I still had a blast.  It was up and down the stairs on each side of the East Hall field, and on the way down Joe and I would race - him on the stairs, me on the dirt next to them.  This downhill is actually kind of terrifying and I thought for sure I would lose my teeth if I fell and smashed my face.  But, as usual, it was a fit of laughter each time.  If there's one thing I cannot control, it's my laughter when I'm having a lot of fun on runs.  Especially downhills.
thursday - 3 with Cohen at the arbs
friday - 3 Cohen again at the arbs
saturday - 22 with Zach and Jesse at Yankee, despite going out for 30.  Went exploring and had a lot of fun.  Felt pretty shitty the entire time, and was relieved to call it at 22 and go to the bar down the road.
sunday - 8 in the morning with Michelle at Custer.  7 at dirty herd.  The dirty herd run was comical to me.  My legs felt completely dead, and I could do nothing past about a 9:30/mile which is fine with me.  Joe hung back and dragged me in.  Debated not going, and glad I did.  Ended up being a nice little shakeout.
total:  58

I'm attempting to get back to focusing on longer back-to-backs and it's going pretty well. I feel like TNF 50 in December will be here before I know it, and even more-so on the forefront is pacing Kendrick for The Bear 100 at the end of September. I am incredibly excited for that trip, but more on that later. Maybe. As far as mileage goes, I'm content sitting between 50 and 70. I have almost completely blown out my 1010s, which really makes me kind of sad. It is debatable whether they're in worse shape than the 110s, but perhaps that's a topic for another post. In other, more important fields of my life, I can finally get all of my hair into one ponytail, kind of, and it resembles the top of a pineapple. Things are looking up.

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  1. I want a few solid 100+ mile weeks out of you before you pace me...At least 60 of those miles have to be walking, too.

    Oh, I love your account of the bank experience. I find myself feeling like that and asking questions like that on a daily basis.