Sunday, August 4, 2013

(at)tempting in august

I've been toying with the idea of committing to being a vegan for a few months.  I went anywhere from 0-6 days starting sometime in March, and have dedicated the month of August to be my true trial.  I didn't want to do it when I was actually training for something, and after BH100 and Devil's Lake 50 I was in no shape to think about my diet, I was far too busy eating whatever the hell I wanted.  Now that I've done enough sulking, eating and drinking, I thought now would be a good time to give this a go with no races on the forefront.  Turns out Kendrick was also thinking about trying this, so I'm not completely in it alone.

It's going pretty okay, despite the fact that I work in a restaurant that serves amazing Italian food which only approximately 4% of is vegan, and the 4% including drink garnishes of olives and cherries.  But, you know, I'm trying. ...And it sucks.  I hate telling people what I'm doing this because I hate their responses.  Almost everyone gives me shit about it and asks why, and when I say "potential health benefits" they get all offended.  I certainly don't think veganism is for everyone, but I do think that it might be for me.  It's most definitely trending in the ultra world right now and I want to see if I can get any benefits out of it, and people (for whatever reason) tend to not like this.  My best reply, though, came from Susie.  Our conversation went something (read: exactly) like this:
"So, what is vegan again?"
"No animal product.  So, no meat, dairy, etc."
"But you can have, like, fish, right?"
"...That is an animal.  So... no."
(Sorry I outed you Sus, but at least I didn't make it my Facebook status) ;)

I went to the store on Tuesday and when I got home I realized I may or may not have bought food strictly pertaining to a 'fruitarian' diet.  Everything seems to be incredibly tempting until I get home.  Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

After Devil's Lake I did exactly what I said I was going to do.  I did a lot and I did nothing, and sometimes I did a lot of nothing.  I didn't come back to my apartment until near the end of July.  I stayed at the lake instead and swam every day (my lame attempt to keep some sort of aerobic capacity), biked a bit more than my normal commute to class miles, and climbed a few times.  At first I hated this. I felt lazy, out of shape, and like a general failure.  After about 6 days I started to love it, and that's when I realized I actually did need a break.  My body needed it and my mind needed it even more.  I can't remember how many days I took completely off from running, but I think it was 12.  After those 12 though, it was time.  I was literally going to lose my mind if my legs didn't start moving.  The first week back was pretty measly.  I didn't log anything, so I have no idea what I did as I cannot remember that far back, nor do I really care.  I'd guess somewhere between 20-30.  This week I decided to go for somewhere between 60 and 70, which I got.

It's a huge pain in the ass coming back, but I'm shuffling through it.  My best run this week was an impromptu 3 mile run with Cohen around the intramural fields.  Because it's so close to my apartment I like to take him there and let him run, and there's also a small pond behind the trees where he can cool off.  Anyway, I had already ran with Erin that morning and walked him down there barefoot to throw the ball around.  I ended up jogging around the field for 26 minutes and had an absolute blast.  Cohen loves it too because he gets to chase me, and it felt good on the muscles to do some fast pick-ups with him, and it felt really good to get that many minutes in barefoot.  It's a lot of fun to do this with Cohen because I think he's a very funny dog, and he gets super excited when I start skipping or running backwards.  I met a few other people that had brought their dogs there, and after I was done one guy came up and told me he had been watching me for at least 20 minutes from the top of the hill with a small group of other people, and that he had thought, at first, a girl had a pony on the field.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  I looked up and sure enough there were 6 people still watching.  I wasn't sure if my cheeks were hot from running in an open field for almost 30 minutes or the idea that people had just been watching me play with my dog like a complete idiot.  We swiftly jogged back home after that.

monday - nothing
tuesday - 3 with Cohen at the arbs, 7 night run (Lauren's first night run)
wednesday - 10 at the arbs solo
thursday - 6 with Erin, 3 at IM fields
friday - 10 custer with Joe and Erin
saturday - 9 at custer, 6 at al sabo
sunday - 10 at al sabo.  Made Joe go out with me before dirty herd because I was bored, and we saw Matt out there so the three of us got somewhere between 5-6 in, then the rest with everyone else.

total of 64

I also read my running log from last summer yesterday.  At this time I was training for the Detroit marathon, and my entries were something like "Today was pretty slow.  Felt okay, just kinda blah."  I scrolled down and my average paces would be 7:20s.  I probably won't ever be that fast again.  I was also doubling almost every day with speed workouts, hill workouts and tempo runs.  I obviously never ran Detroit because I got distracted with running my first 50 in September.  And I'm more than okay with that.  BUT on some other entries I would ramble on about injury pain.  I've never actually been injured, but I do wish I knew what pains I was talking about.  So, for this week, I'm specifically logging:
My knees hurt.  It's definitely not a kind of hurt where I can't run, and I don't notice it when I run at all. It mainly just kind of feels like stiffness, but I can really feel it in the bone, I think.  Anyway, it's not serious, but I thought it was worth logging, in case next time I run myself into the ground and my knees start to hurt when I jump my mileage back up, I'll know it's not the first time.

ALSO, if you're still reading this ridiculous ramble, I have good news.  The Limousines are back to making music, and this single off of their new album is kind of my anthem right now.  Because I said 'what should we do?' and you said 'We can do anything we want to.'


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