Monday, May 27, 2013

a different week in may

This week I did some different things.

monday 9 miles at Custer with Joe.  We ran the green loop and ran into a storm and it was scary.  by the time I got back to Kalamazoo it was sunny again, so I hopped over to the arbs and got another solid 5 in.
tuesday 4 miles in the morning with Katie at Al Sabo, and then 7 miles at night at Al Sabo with Joe and Erin.  This was one of those runs that is really good for the soul.  Instead of running it was laughing and finding our way by moonlight.  We all forgot our headlamps, but running by moon is no strange act for the three of us.  Absolutely beautiful night.
wednesday lower body workout.  slammed the legs.  realized I was starting to get sick.
22 mile night run with Jesse and Mike at Yankee.  We started around 9:15 and ended shortly after 2.  This run, unfortunately, simulated everything that it was supposed to for the 100.  My legs were completely fucked, my body was so fatigued I felt like I was going to flop on the ground at any moment (due to the sickness, I believe), my breathing was terrible (also due to the sickness) and for whatever reason I had to stop and take a shit twice on this run - which is fine, but just odd.  During the second loop everything in my lower body hurt with every single step, and Jesse threw out the reminder that "you can only hurt so much".  Thank god for those boys.  I love them.  If I was alone I would have been in tears and called it after the first 11 miles.  They made my week.  I almost typed something like "I haven't laughed that much on a run in so long" but I actually laugh A LOT on every run because I run with amazing people.  However, I haven't run for 4.5 hours with other people in a long time, so to continually make me giggle, I think, is awesome.  They both make the thought of going vegan entertaining, but I think I will wait until after the 100 to do so.  So, anyway, this was a really good training run.
thursday I believe I took this day off.  I slept in a bit due to the late night before, and had to work later.  I also felt 42 times shittier than the night before.  It's nothing serious but a hella cold, and I'm a bit of an extremist so when I'm a little sick I'm actually dying.
friday upper body workout.  Still really sick, so we kept the weights lighter but still got a good workout in.  Then we (trainer Lauren and I) went to hot yoga.  Holy hell, what an experience.  I really liked it, and was hoping it would help me sweat out whatever virus is inside of me and clear my sinuses.  It didn't.  I was also hoping it would help get my soreness out.  It didn't.  I'm looking forward to trying it again when 100%.  However I did feel like a rockstar compared to everyone else when doing planks and leg lifts.  :)  So solid.
saturday 8 miles at Custer with Joe and Steve.  This was another really-good-for-the-soul run.  We ran the red loop and ran the trenches at the end real speedy because that's my favorite part :)  This was my first run in the 1010s and I am so in love with them.  This is probably because I am so used to my 110s that have absolutely no tread whatsoever on them anymore and they're so ripped up it's teetering the line of hilarious and absolutely pathetic.  Anyway, I feel like there's just a little bit more protection under my feet (again probably because they're just not the 110s).  The upper is amazing, just like the rest of the shoe.  After trying the Pearl iZumis I realized I really cannot run in anything like that.  I've tried other minimal shoes as well, but hot damn New Balance has just got it going on.  They know exactly what to do with their minimal line.  110s - fucking amazing.  Road zeros - fucking love them.  Trail zeros - pretty much just socks but still so awesome.  1010s - blew my mind.  They fit perfectly and feel even better.  Thanks, New Balance!
sunday 6 miles at dirty herd.  No one fun was there besides me and Joe due to the holiday weekend.  Since the store was closed it was "officially unofficial".  Not even Shawn was there :( BUT of course Joe and I had a blast, and we went out on the planks for a little bit, too.  The weather was also nice, and the shirt came off (of course).  Wonderful way to wrap up a nice little week, despite being sick.

total mileage 61 including a night run and hot yoga.  Decent.

My mom just asked me if I was blogging about how wonderful she is.  She's wonderful.

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