Sunday, April 14, 2013

just training in april

I have a longer, Wordsworthian post in the making, but for this week I am simply logging training for my own pleasure.  Sorry for the boringness.

Monday: 6 mile shakeout jog from the long weekend runs.  Was originally going to go out for 9, but cut the loop short at KL/WMich.  Just didn't feel like going much further.  Everything felt fine, but the weather was beating me up.
Tuesday: Absolutely nothing again.  I think.  To be quite honest I'm not completely sure.  I think this was the day that Katie and I were supposed to run, but I got up and it was raining and I said fuck that.  Over it.
Wednesday:  Lower body weight training.  Lighter weights and higher reps.  Wasn't the hardest workout, but I felt it a LOT more, for whatever reason, later.  Also did Urban Herd.  Ran to Urban Herd, which is usually 3 miles, but left a little early because I just felt like running and got 4 in.  Did 6 at Urban Herd.  I should have ran back, but I was incredibly tired and it had gotten cold.  Joe ran with me at Urban Herd; we did the Oakland route and it was... fun.  We fucked around on the long uphill, stopping and chasing each other, running backwards, running to the back of the pack to hang out with THE Rob Lillie.  By the time we hit the turnaround point my legs were so dead.  I guess this is understandable, considering the workout earlier that day.  Steve gave me a ride home and we laughed and laughed.  Sometimes I wish he wasn't a track/xc coach because I sure do miss running with him.
Thursday:  I got out of bed and fell to the ground.  My quads felt like tightened rubber bands and my knees just had decided to not work.  After picking myself up and rolling it out, I went out for a measly 3 mile jog.  It helped get the soreness out.
Friday:  Upper body weight training, no running miles.
Saturday: 20 miler with Lauren Maran.  We started from her house (on McCourtie) and ran down to the KRVT and out to Galesburg and back.  A flat road run sounded easy enough for a Saturday morning 20, but it was torture.  I am just NOT a road runner.  The long, straight pavement gets inside my head and it is just such a mental battle to me.  I can't help but wonder why ANYONE would run on the road for fun, but hats off to those of you that find it fun.  Your mind is stronger than mine in that way.  Anyway, the back half of the run it started to snow and rain, and we were running into the wind the entire time.  Impromptu water stop at Gazelle on the way back.  Rough run mentally and I wouldn't have done it without Lauren.  She's wonderful company, I hope we get to run together more often.
Sunday:  15 at Custer, 8 at Dirty Herd.  Super glad it cleared up for Dirty Herd because it was SO much fun.  Ran with Becca, Matt and Dave.  It was so fun running with Matt again, he is hilarious, and so is Becca.  I'm super happy she's getting into longer distance running because she would be a great long run partner.  She also works at Gazelle now.  It was a push to stay with the boys towards the end, but worth it.  The un part of comfortableness went away after about a half mile and it was a breezy finish.

Started the "eat clean train dirty" regimen this week and it's going quite well.  My refrigerator is full of mason jars and tupperware, and I spent hours today cooking and prepping for the week.  I don't eat anything I don't make myself, and I keep it fresh and healthy.  Also booze is eliminated which really kinda sucks.  But, I feel a lot better, I'm sleeping well, and my recovery time has been great.  Sorry for the "dear diary"format.  It won't be on the regular.

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